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_/_// 3.5 MINUTES

(Reactionary to the current Chinese-Foxconn crisis.)

Any blunt artifact is technology once it lands in the palms of a physical body who wishes to put it to use. That which is used as a tool by humans to accomplish their needs, practical or leisure, immediately becomes such advancements. 

An artifact has reached a mysterious loner on his home isle from far away to illuminate this revelation. As the object lets him know its identity, carved by humans who themselves were slaved into technology, the loner's defenses are no more and he must exodus from home to cleanse his soul. He treads a wide Pacific in pursuit of redemption from this technology he has enjoyed for so long and the 'technology' that created it.

Filmed in Los Angeles (Santa Monica Beach.) Performance By : Benjamin Poynter. Camera : Brian Krueger. Music/SFX : Benjamin Poynter. Filmed with iPhone 4S. Audio in GarageBand. Voice by Benjamin Poynter. 2012.