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For Ben, game developer, game artist, 3D artist-animator, illustrator, and ex-assistant professor,
the mission is no longer escapism but excavation. He has always been at odds whether to hide behind
a silk, digital screen (virtual worlds) or become a vocal presence for a more social cause
(sociopolitical worlds). Hence, a battle of realms simulated and concrete begins and has been since
his memory came to be. Whether this be a painstakingly hand-illustrated mobile title discussing labor
inequalities in Asia, a self-built set of skatable 3D worlds controllable through tech-deck, or thinking
inwards to the existence of it all through childhood heroic avatars. He has travelled far and wide
for his cause and is in NYC today in the lab constantly in his own world for the sake of seeing if
it makes sense in the real world.



Statement of intent.







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