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 As an effect of university level courses I have taught thus far in my life,
here is a small result of their efforts through study. I believe teaching is a form
of social justice, and justice always comes with reward. Teaching is not limited
to the classroom as well. The most rewarding aspects of letting a person
know how to do something is based in community and artistic subversion
of the 'assignment', learning also how to think with one's own power.
It is the responsibility and gift of an instructor to affect someone's life.
A professor's duty is to change minds. The world is not conservative.
The pace of an intensive studio and theory course should reflect this.
Below is an ongoing survey of unique student work and distinct personalities.

Article on teaching-exhibition for 3D Animation in Beijing, CN (NYIT) here


SKETCHFAB : View project in 3D here .
SKETCHFAB : View project in 3D here .